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Phil & Ted doubles stroller questions

New questions: Does the kid in back ever complain about not being able to see? Can you stand normally and push the stroller with the doubles kit on the back or do you have to bend at the waist or hold your arms way out in front to push it (or alter your stride) with the kit on?

I'm thinking about getting a Phil & Ted explorer stroller with the doubles kit. It's on Craigslist in my parents' home town and no one here carries them so I can't try it out in person, unfortunately. I've only had a single jogger stroller (Baby Trend) before and I'd like something that's pretty close in terms of how easy it is to push. I was going to get a Sit & Stand stroller but it's so much more difficult to push than my jogger (even the jogger with both kids sitting it in) that I don't like it much.

Has anyone owned or tried both a single jogger and a Phil & Ted stroller? If so, was the Phil & Ted much more difficult to push than the jogger?
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