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Re: What do you want for your turkey baby?

I'm preg w son #3 I have a bit of a list but have already tackled some of it too...seems I think of more and more everyday

Sofie the Gairafe
Nursing bras (i like a cheap brand so yay!)
nursing clothes (i guess these are for me but they're bc of him
BIG recieving blankets
Cute NB winter clothes
M bg aio's
replacement parts for pump
(I know there's a lot more i just can't think of)

What about to do list??
Order fabric and make bedding!
make decor
Find new house and move (this has to be done b4 mid aug due to older kids in school)
Buy minivan!
Make trainers for older son
try to make CD for baby
blah blah blah the list goes on
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