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Re: Baby is here.

Originally Posted by thealmightyme View Post
This is a very interesting story. How many of the BM's children do you have so far?
She has two children and is birthmom to two of my four (including the baby) children.

Well, she fits in the MyRide Dwarfed by it but the straps get tight enough and she looks much more comfy in it. Except for the perpetual head flop to the side no matter what she's in other than the bassinet. The Scenera the straps were below her shoulders but the straps were just not snug on her at the tightest they would cinch.

The first night home was bad - every time she cried ds (16mo) cried so I just went back and forth between them all night. Second night was good, ds cried after I put him to bed but then didn't wake up all night and baby woke to eat and went back to sleep. Third/last night was bad - she just could not get into the deep sleep so woke up after the first light cycle at 30-60 min all night long from 11:30-7am. Hoping for a good night tonight...

The VNA nurse came and weighed her and she is gaining. I do give her 1-2 bottles of pumped milk a day when it just seems that she can not wake up enough to get my milk to letdown.

BM did call the SW about visiting with baby and was told about the CPS situation (police will be notified if baby goes back into care but are not removing older girls at this time).

Having her test positive is just bringing up so much to think about and decide at some point regarding what our relationship with BM will look like going forward.

Actually what I am feeling is really upset about dd2. She came home from the hospital at 48 hours ~ they said she was fine, no symptoms, etc. Then a few days later she just lost it and screamed for almost a year. So I talked to the dr that released baby this time about it and he said keeping her in the NICU for observation for withdrawal for five days was very conservative but that the AAP just released that as a new guideline because sometimes withdrawal symptoms don't start for a few days and it does not correlate with how bad they are up through having seizures. I explained about dd2 and he said three years ago that would be the norm. I asked what to watch for now and he basically said feed and console and if she is inconsolable to call the ped. So I asked then what would they do because that is what happened with dd2 and he said while methadone is used for opioid withdrawal for meth it is not a great help and they would give a sedative. Light bulb for me - that is exactly what dd2 needed. At the time we asked and asked everyone (dr, sw, etc.) for who to take her to that could help with experience with meth exposure and no one could offer anything. It sounds awful to say a baby needs to be sedated but that would have helped her regulate so much faster I think and her path even years later now would be easier. So I am just now really understanding how much her issues were really withdrawal and caused by the meth use and I am upset about that.

DS is doing much better with baby. He did not have to nurse at the SAME TIME today and he gave her a snuggle on his own initiative at bedtime. He does get upset when she cries though. I dont' know if he's worried about her or what.

DD2 said when baby was crying " Mommy, she's crying. I think she misses her birthmommy". I just told her that baby knows that I'm her mommy now, but of course I'm wondering about what dd2 feels about it. She also did say the other day, "Me and baby have the same birth mommy!"

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