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Re: endometriosis

I have stage I/II endo. I had some pain as a teen but never paid much thought to it. I went on BCPs right before my DH and I got married. Two years later went off them to start TTC. Within three months I was in so much pain it was unreal. Had a lap about 10 months later and they found endo around my tubes and also took out my appendix.

We did finally conceive naturally about a year and a half later.

We never did avoid after our son was born and when he was about 18 months old I had another lap. This time my doctor was shocked by the amount of adhesions around my right ovary (the only one I ovulate from). She couldn't even find my ovary without risking cutting something. I was devastated. I went on Lupron for 3 months and we let it go, hoping that a miracle would happen. After a total of TTC#2 for four years we did IVF with ICSI and got pregnant with our daughter. I still have hope that something will happen but I know it's not likely and so far, 18 months later, nothing.

I know eventually I'll have to have another lap again but thankfully my pain is slow in returning this time around, thank God!
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