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Re: Milk needed during the day/Pumping enough

I started back to work at 6 weeks too (DD is 3 1/2 months now). By that point, I had "trained" by body to produce more than we needed in the morning. Starting at two weeks I pumped every morning after her feeding. I have leveled out at around 8-10 ounces pumped at this pump. I pumped 5 times a day when I first started back to work-I actually just dropped a pump this week. I pump for 30 minutes on my way into work, 20 minutes mid-morning, 30 minutes at lunch, 20 minutes mid-afternoon (this is the pump I just dropped), and about 25-30 minutes on the way home. Other than that first pump of the morning, I was averaging 3-4 ounces per pump. Now the last pump is 7-8 ounces since I dropped the 4th pump. For the record, I'm gone around 12 hours with my commute.

At first I left 3 ounce bottles but moved up to 4 ouncers a good month ago. Luckily DD's grandmothers are doing our daycare for now so they will refrigerate and reuse a bottle that was only partly eaten. I believe my DD has just started being able to take most of a 4 ouncer at once, otherwise she was eating 2-3 ounces every 2-3 hours. I think my DD has kind of reverse cycled as she will usually eat at least a couple of times in the evening and then 1-3 times overnight (with one more feed in the morning before work). If your DD is sleeping through the night, she'll need to eat more during the day. I'd encourage you to pump in the evening and/or before bed if she's sleeping that much. Maybe first thing in the morning too, after she eats (one is supposed to produce more in the morning).

Does your DD take a paci? That helps a ton for my DD as she loves to comfort suck. Could you have your caregiver stop after two ounces, burp your DD and then offer the paci? In any rate, the caregiver should be burping her at least every couple of ounces and just doing that might be enough to keep her from overeating (although 15 ounces would still be within normal limits for a 10 hour span-it's usually 1-1.5 ounces/hour). I've been lucky that for the most part DD has been satisfied with 12-14 ounces for 12 hours.
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