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Re: Milk needed during the day/Pumping enough

I'm about to write my own post with my own problem, but I'll share how I got this far (pumping full-time since April):

1) Get a hospital grade double pump, if you don't already have one. I rent mine. It's worth it. Also get flanges that fit (may need to size up one or both breasts).
2) Pump every 2 hours, and continue pumping for at least 5 minutes after you think you're done.
3) Drink a lot of water, relax and look at photos of your baby. When I'm stressed I have trouble letting down.
4) Pump at home too. Ugh. I know. I hate this, but I'm now bringing my pump home at night. I pump 3-4X a day at work, then once before going to bed. This gives me a total of about 15 ounces. That pretty much covers 1 day of feedings without me. On the weekends I try to pump twice a day to build a reserve for the week ahead.
5) Take your baby to bed with you. If you have a good nighttime supply you can do dream feedings and babe might eat less during the day. there have been times that babe was too tired and I've literally pumped in bed while my hubby slept on one side and babe slept on the other. Either way you are helping your supply.

Am I sick of pumping? Yes. Totally. But I love nursing my baby when I'm not at work, and I don't want to lose my supply, so this is what I'm doing. It's such a drag at work, and I hate lugging the pump around, but the little electric ones don't work for me at all, and I can't get a good letdown with a single hand pump... so it is what it is.
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