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Please reassure me that babe isn't starving

How much breast milk should a 6 month old boy eat? Here's the breakdown:
Nurse 4:45am-6:45am
Bottles 8am-6pm 12-15 ounces total
Nurse 6:30pm

When using the hospital-grade double pump I get at least 3 ounces, and as much as 5 if I'm really full. So even my most optimistic estimate puts his food intake at barely 25 ounces. That seems so low.

In all fairness babe seems awesome. He's pulling up and cruising unassisted at 6 months, eating solids, very alert. But he's below the 1% for weight. At his 5 month he was only 13 pounds and hadn't yet doubled his birth weight. He's always been small, even in utero, but I'm worried my insistence on breastfeeding is keeping him tiny. There's milk in the freezer, so it's not like he's ever crying for food and doesn't get it, but I worry he should be getting more and he's just not asking for it.

Also, I'm getting burned out on pumping 3-4 times a day at work, then again at night, and I am finding it harder and harder to let down. Tonight I had to give him a bottle for the first time because I just couldn't let down for him when I got home. I pumped late at work and barely 2 hours had passed, so I guess that's normal, but it was upsetting. I also had to come home a couple days ago because I was so stressed at work I spent 2 pump sessions getting nothing. As soon as I nursed it was a flood of milk.

My questions:
Should I try giving him a bottle after breastfeeding to see if he's not getting enough?
At what point do you consider formula?
Can I do anything else to up my supply? I can't possibly pump any more, and I'm hydrating and usually watch videos of babe while I pump.
What if I don't let down for him? What can I do?
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