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Originally Posted by shortcake2386
i must be doing something wrong bc 2 of mine are hiders/sneakers of foodfirst of all we do 3 meals and 2 snacks a day but the kids can always have something (healthy) at other times. we dont make them finishe everything on their plate, dont typically do "dessert" (never as a reward for eating) and we usually have some fun snacks in the house(chips, popcorn, fruit bars, etc) the 4 year old will sneak food during naptime and at night and hide it in her room. usually its the junk stuff(she ate 1/2 a bag of semi sweet choco chis yesterday during nap ) nothing is safe, she got chips off the top of the fridge today the 2 year old saves food. like lastnight he ate 1/2 his chicken sandwich and stuck the other part in a bag. i didnt know til he pulled it out at bedtime he also had crackers in his pockets the other day. i dont know what to do, they eat all day as it is??? i cant feed them more and i have no clue where they are getting this any ideas?
I LOLed at the bolded! I used to get under the kitchen table with the sugar jar and a spoon. I was around 5. I still have a pretty good sweet tooth

This is an interesting thread. I was going to say maybe try discipline when they sneak food, but if they're doing it bc of all the changes, that's a different story. My kids snuck food (the junk kind) when they were 2 and 3 when mommy and daddy slept later than them. We would discipline them for it and they learned not to get food without asking.

We also have a snack drawer. They have to ask before getting a snack, unless its 10am or after quiet time, then they know it's ok. They also know when they are allowed a healthy snack and when they can have a "treat".
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