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Re: Talk to me about cartoons...

I am probably not the norm here, because we do TV for our DS (he is 23 mo) and have been for awhile now. I usually turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Doc McStuffins (that one is so cute!). DH picks either of those, or he also lets DS watch Scooby Doo (yes DS absolutely into it!) and also Looney Toons which I think it just so dumb and I hate when he turns it on for DS....we are not one of those that thinks all TV has to be educational (I do believe in fun, and just relax time, not everything is about "educating" IMHO) but I really don't care for Looney toons. DH grew up watching the typical Saturday morning cartoons, so it's his flashback to mindnumbing dumb cartoons. Myself, I didn't grow up watching that kind of stuff so I steer clear of it because I just don't see the humor in it YKWIM?

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