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Re: Reassure me daycare is ok!

Originally Posted by DalesWidda View Post
I didn't read the other responses but this is coming from a person who did daycare for a long time. The only reason my girls were in daycare was because I was working there. And I've worked at many centers. I am not a fan of large group centers. The turnover rate for employees are high, the pay is low and most of the time classes are over ratio. Also, there is a lot of juggling kids around to make numbers work. For example, lets say that a few kids call in and the 2 year old class only has 7 kids. Normally there are 10, so the class needs two teachers (ratio is 6:1 for two year olds in Wisconsin). So the director decides to move the oldest child up to the 2.5 year old room so she can let a teacher go or put her somewhere else. No big deal right? Except now the 2.5 year old teacher is over in her numbers because a 2 year old brings the ratio down. Yeah, unfortunately this happens a lot. There are some very good teachers out there and some that are looking for an easy paycheck. They get tired, overworked, and a lot of times kids get brought in sick or teachers are sick. I would find in home child care for sure. I'm sorry if that isn't the answer you want but it's an honest one.
These things are true and it is a big deal to a kid to get to school.and not know what room, teachers, routine or friends he will be with on any given day. A "transition" to the next classroom up should nnot be sporadic and start when the kid is 6 months from moving upp, conveniently when the numbers were low. But i would prefer a good accredited center who pays their employees well WITH SECURITY CAMERAS over someone i dont know with no accountibility.

That being said, no matter what you decide there are several positive outcomes observed in children in daycare in long term studies. Things like social skills and school readiness. There are positives and negatives to sah as well as daycare.
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