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Re: Names

Boys names ARE hard to choose Jena. We hadn't completely agreed to a boy name before the ultrasound yesterday. DH had one picked out which meant a lot to him, but I wasn't completely on board with it...luckily this baby is a girl. We still had our girl name, which meant a lot to BOTH of us from my first pregnancy, so we'll use that. We aren't telling anyone IRL what the name is until she's born...she's being referred to as Patty Ann (we called the baby Pat before we knew if it was a boy or girl..reference to old SNL skit) so now it's Patty Ann.

Because I have to tell someone, I'll tell you guys that our little girl is going to be Morgan Elizabeth. Morgan was my maiden name...and I'm the last one with that last name. Elizabeth is the name of DH's nana and sister.
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