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Re: Inexpensive Full Cleanse

Cleanse is an abused marketing terminology to make you think you need certain supplements, herbs or combination of both in order to clean your system. There really is no such thing other than eating healthy and exercising.

Like mebl mentioned less processed foods, more whole foods, drinking plenty of fluid and keeping your nutrition balance in check will keep your body in a cleaner state.

If you feel bloated though, you may have excess water retention. Eating foods high in fiber (both soluble/insoluble) will help the body to get rid of such water including balancing your blood sugar level, feel fuller and keep your colon in check. With any fiber and complex foods also, the body takes longer for it to digest so the energy expenditure is much higher (than junk/processed foods) resulting in more calories burned.

Bloating could also indicate you may have intolerance to gluten. I know when I eat any foods with gluten I feel bloated if not weighed down from the food afterwards. Processed gluten is probably by far the worst in terms of feeling bloated. There could be number of issues that would cause such feeling but I would start from there.

If you also don't feel you're getting enough fiber you can always add fiber supplements aside from eating whole foods. Make sure you're hydrated with water throughout the day.
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