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Re: Where to start with a 1 year old?

I didn't start using the potty officially with LO until he was 18 months but I think some of the same things would still apply.

Like a pp said, talk to her! She understands much more than she can communicate! Talk about the potty every chance you get and make it part of your daily play. We got a couple books and my friend got a doll for her 18 month old that you can fill with water (or even colored water with yellow food dye) and make her pee on the potty. Our kiddos were very fascinated with this doll and loved to watch her go pee-pee and then they would sit on the potty, too. They didn't usually pee at first but it was all part of play-learning.

My mom potty-trained me by 18 months and started a little after 12 months. She said that getting a few "catches" close together helps establish success and that helps them see the pattern that they should pee in the potty. Repetition and consistency are very helpful but perfection is NOT necessary! Remember that!

My mom said that she used warm water to help me pee while sitting on the potty so that I got a jump start on understanding that pee goes in the potty. She would take me every 30 minutes at first and then every hour and then 1.5 hours and if I didn't pee after about 30 seconds, to prevent me from getting bored and just giving up, she would stick my hand in a cup of warm water and I would relax and pee. She said it worked like a charm almost 100% of the time! I have a boy and I have used this trick and I can attest that it works great! I don't stick his hand in the water, though. I use a bulb syringe, like the kind you suck their nose with, and suck up some warm water and then squirt it on his lower tummy so it runs over his bottom area. He will pee almost every time. I used this a lot in the beginning to reinforce the pattern of peeing in the potty but now I just use it if I need him to pee but he isn't, or I know he needs to but can't for some reason. Most of the time, he pees on his own, now.

I also taught him the sign for potty but he is older and he just says potty or pee-pee or poo-poo. Or he tells me he is wet or sometimes he says "uh-oh" before he goes so I know I need to run him to the potty and we usually catch it.

I did not make him sit on the potty if he didn't want to. Ever. When he says all-done, I respect that he is in control of this and I respond back with "all done" to acknowledge him and I take him right off and we go play. We can always go back to the potty in 5 or 10 or 30 minutes, but I don't want him to think that the chair is a punishment or that he has to sit there if he doesn't want to. We just try to keep it relaxed and fun! When he tells me "pee-pee" while he is playing we clap and say hooray as we hop/skip/jump to the potty and we are very happy about it. If he has an accident, we say "uh-oh, pee-pee goes in the potty" and we go to the potty and try and if he pees some more, we celebrate with clapping and "yay!". If he can't we just talk about where pee-pee should go and that we want to stay dry and I usually have him feel his wet undies and say "wet yucky" and then feel his dry undies and say "dry nice" and he repeats me. It's cute.

If I could give only one piece of advice I would say Don't Stress It. Just have fun, make it fun and part of your normal routine. Don't get mad and don't get discourage when they have an accident. That is part of the learning process just as much, if not more (IMO) and is not "bad". Just be patient and keep going, being as consistent as you can (but perfection isn't necessary - remember that!) and she will do great!

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