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Re: Reassure me daycare is ok!

Originally Posted by newmommy13 View Post
These things are true and it is a big deal to a kid to get to school.and not know what room, teachers, routine or friends he will be with on any given day. A "transition" to the next classroom up should nnot be sporadic and start when the kid is 6 months from moving upp, conveniently when the numbers were low. But i would prefer a good accredited center who pays their employees well WITH SECURITY CAMERAS over someone i dont know with no accountibility.

That being said, no matter what you decide there are several positive outcomes observed in children in daycare in long term studies. Things like social skills and school readiness. There are positives and negatives to sah as well as daycare.
The accountability factor depends on the center. Some states regulations are just as tight for in-home as they are for centers. Some in-homes have a camera system. The vast majority of in-home providers I know (and I know a lot) get paid MUCH better working from home than they would if they go to a center. Just some things for the OP to consider....

Hope your interview turns out good and you find an amazing place too! I will whole heartedly agree that in general, daycare is much harder on mom than on the child, assuming you are working with a quality place.
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