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Re: I know this has been discussed a million times.

Originally Posted by Joyful Tie Dyes View Post
I agree with a lot of what you say except that the child is not theoretical, he is a boy and due in a couple of months so a decision must be mad.
I understand that. I was talking about her husband's perspective. The intellectual knowledge that you have a boy due in a few months isn't the same thing as holding a fully-formed, breathing son in your arms (vis-a-vis this discussion). The idea of a normal, healthy newborn IS theoretical to him at the moment, as is the idea of circumcising it. That's all I meant. It was no judgment of him or reflection of the child's integrity.

By the same token, I don't agree that they necessarily need to come to an agreement right this instant. The only course of action that isn't reversible is actually circumcising the baby, and as you said, the baby won't even be here for several more weeks. Hence, there's no need to force the issue today.
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