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Re: Falling asleep in areas other than bedroom.

Just FYI about sleepwalking...
Parasomnia (sleep behaviors) usually happen within 1-3 hours of falling asleep, during the shift from one level of sleep to the next. It occasionally happens at other times of the night, but not very often. It doesn't usually continue all night long.
For instance, kids who have sleep terrors usually have them approximately 90minutes (give or take) after falling asleep. When it is over, they normally sleep peacefully for the rest of the night.
I'm not saying that your DS is actually sleepwalking. But, if you think he might be, the best way to know is to observe him.

Edit: Did he have a hard time with you & your DH being on vacation? Sometimes big changes or stressful situations can trigger sleep behaviors, or make existing ones worse. I am NOT saying that going on vacation was bad (I'm actually kinda jealous ), but if for some reason he is sleepwalking, it would make sense that it started during a change in his routine. I would give him the benefit of the doubt, and not get too strict with consequences, until you can confirm that he is consciously making the decision to sleep in the hallway, etc.
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