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Originally Posted by newmommy13
I have never encountered an in home daycare that is licensed! I know they exist but i think its pretty common to not be at least here. I agree about the pay as well. I know of one woman who had 12 kids in her home and charged $200/week flat rate up to 50 hours a week and required kids to bring all snacks and meals. All of her kids were 2 years old or under. She was making bank and the kids were being vastly underserved. I dont know who would think that situation is ok.

If i encountered an inhom eprovider with security cameras i would feel very comfortable especially if there wa slive viewing online. Our doggy daycare had that lol!

Eta i meant accreddited by the national association for the education of young children. I think it would be difficult if not impossible for an in home provider to meet the expectations of naeyc but that wouldnt be a dealbreaker for me for an in home provider.
This is illegal in many states. I wouldn't take my kids to someone with that many kids #1, and I wouldn't expect quality care at $4/hr. People shouldn't do daycare for the money, they should do it because they like kids and want the best care for not only their child but other kids as well. Most providers around here are licensed because the consequences are serious. $200/day fine plus fines for other things like not having toxics locked up, pools not blocked off, no fire extinguishers, etc. Its like trusting someone to drive your kids without a license. Sure they may know HOW to drive, but no one has confirmed this and it's illegal. Same with childcare. Cheaper isn't always better!

Eta- I'm currently license-exempt as I only care for one family's children at a time, but I'm in the process of being licensed. I have been on the other side of the fence though and used an in home DCP for many years before being completely betrayed and slapped in the face by the provider. She's still doing daycare and while I can't go around telling everyone what she did, I can recommend that people do as much background work as possible before hiring a DCP. Call every reference, find out how long ago they used this person, ask as many questions as you can, tour the place, read the contract, call your local licensing office and see what info is available to you. My previous DCP only has what seems like minor citations, but I "know" it's more, much much more. She's had class A citations (leaving cleaners and medications within reach) and other minor paperwork citations for lack of documentation. People don't always know this info is available to them. What may appear to be a great situation may not be behind the scenes. Word of mouth referrals are the best you can have. Having a friend recommend someone is a start and go from there because no two families are the same. A home daycare can be an excellent situation, but just do your homework and not just rely on prices and appearances.
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