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Re: Reassure me daycare is ok!

Originally Posted by kateroc View Post
This is a very personal thing, so you really need to do what you feel comfortable with, but both of my boys are in a center (I work 4 days a week), so I will give you my 2 cents. Personally, I was uneasy about in-home child care, particularly where there is only a single care-provider. What if something happened to that person? What happens when the caregiver gets overwhelmed with caring for multiple kids and needs a break? And, possibly most importantly, I just don't see how one person can provide for the needs of several kids all at different ages at the same time (bigger kids could really stand to get outside but baby's sleeping, etc...). I do know many people who are very happy with these types of arrangements, though, so, like I said, it's very personal.

Anyway, I know there are a lot of bad, "assembly line" (like pp said) centers out there. You have to do your homework thoroughly. But this is your CHILD you're talking about, OF COURSE you're going to do your homework. There are good centers also. We found a small-ish center (about 30 kids) that has a very loving and homey vibe -- kids are with one teacher all day, for the most part, and there is a very low turnover rate for the teachers -- but it's still a center with plenty of structure and multiple caregivers. We are very very happy with it.

Good luck!
Well spoken! I completely agree. Both my LO's are in a smallish center. They have been in the same facility since I returned to work shortly after DS was born (5 years). Their quality of care is excellent. Both kids have formed close attachments to "teachers" and other children. I would whole-heartedly recommend a well-researched daycare facility to working Moms.
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