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Re: Reassure me daycare is ok!

Originally Posted by newmommy13 View Post
I have never encountered an in home daycare that is licensed! I know they exist but i think its pretty common to not be at least here. I agree about the pay as well. I know of one woman who had 12 kids in her home and charged $200/week flat rate up to 50 hours a week and required kids to bring all snacks and meals. All of her kids were 2 years old or under. She was making bank and the kids were being vastly underserved. I dont know who would think that situation is ok.

If i encountered an inhom eprovider with security cameras i would feel very comfortable especially if there wa slive viewing online. Our doggy daycare had that lol!

Eta i meant accreddited by the national association for the education of young children. I think it would be difficult if not impossible for an in home provider to meet the expectations of naeyc but that wouldnt be a dealbreaker for me for an in home provider.
That first scenario sounds awful. There are many licensed home daycares in my area and the general ratio for younger kids is 2 under 2 allowed. What that lady was doing was completely unethical in my book (no matter the state laws....although i would guess this was illegal) and makes all home daycare providers seem like money grubbers that dont take care of kids well. blechhh
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