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Re: I know this has been discussed a million times.

What a PITA situation to be in. Definitely stress you don't need.

Originally Posted by Fishie Kisses View Post
Our good friends are having the same debate. She thinks it's completely unnecessary and her brother is intact and just fine. Her DH is circ'd and is playing the "look like daddy" card. She's really not sure how to handle it because she feels like since she doesn't have a penis, she just doesn't understand.
I don't get the "look like daddy" rational, either. So if dad gets one of his front teeth knocked out, the kid will have his tooth removed too? Where does the line get drawn?

Originally Posted by TinaDeanette View Post
My husband left it up to me. He said that if there are any ill effects in the future it will be on me! Like if he 'gets made fun of' in the locker room it will be my fault. Just straight tell him you aren't getting it done unless he can come up with a good enough reason to do it and 'because everyone else does it' isn't a good reason.
When the threat of debate was brought up with my ex-husband, before we knew we were having a girl, that was really my stand point. It's against my morals and I just wasn't willing to negotiate something so important because of his loose rhetoric.
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