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Re: Got skin to Tighten Tone & Firm? Body wraps are simply AMAZING! Huge demand!

Originally Posted by DalesWidda View Post
How do these work exactly?
the OP tells the ingredients and shows what those do
More info here:

The IT WORKS Applicator actually helps you to release FAT, not WATER.

Everyone has fat cells in their body. These fat cells are what determine how we look. Our fat cells can grow in size, and they can shrink. When you diet and work out, you don't lose fat cells, you lose the subcutaneous fat that is inside of the cell. It is impossible to reduce the number of fat cells inside your body without surgical intervention, but we can reduce the size of the fat cells! You get the same effect as surgery (unwanted inches gone), but without the pain, bruising and cost!

So how DOES this work?? It sounds too good to be true!

The gel formula on your wrap contains herbs that penetrate deep through 4 layers, to the fat layer where we store our toxins. The herbs and lipase enzymes work to metabolize, breaking up into tiny little pieces and the fat and toxins are then excreted.

The applicator's natural ingredients help to saturate the cell wall, and work to release the subcutaneous fat that has accumulated inside of the cell (osmosis action). The excess substance liquefied by the herbs goes through the blood circulation and into the lymphatic system to be excreted from the body naturally. This is the reason it is important to drink lots of water while using the wrap, and afterwards. This will help flush out the toxins.

If you've been busting your butt working out to lose weight, these could be a great tool to work with during your weight loss. Losing weight causes the breakdown of fat, releasing more toxins into the soft tissues. This often results in loose & flabby looking skin. The wrap detoxifies and sculpts which will firm, tighten and tone to show the full benefits of your weight loss.

Now you're probably wondering how many inches you can lose..??

If you drink a lot of diet soda, smoke, or do a lot of tanning, you will have more toxins in your body. The wrap will still work, but it may take more applications due to the toxins in your body. Everyone has a different molecular structure to their skin, and the skin absorbs differently. Maybe you're friend lost half an inch? That doesn't mean you will, you could lose up to 2 or more inches!

So... how long does it last?

If you have an unhealthy lifestyle, and make no effort to change your eating habits or lifestyle, the wraps results can last anywhere from 2-6 months. If you eat better and maintain a healthy lifestyle the wraps results can be permanent!

Wraps work for 72 hours, even if you only wear it overnight. Which means you can use a wrap every 72 hours to achieve that goal of yours! Please note, these wraps are not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women, though we have products available for you as well, including stretch mark creams, and more!
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