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1.5 y.o. & 3 y.o. sharing a room = nap/rest time help

I have 2 boys, my 20 month old takes a great nap every day, usually 2.5-3 hours. My 3 year old naps occasionally, usually if he wakes up at 7:30am or earlier. (Nap time is around 1pm) Even without napping, I try very very hard to encourage/make him have rest/quiet time. He needs it, and I need it to.

However, we have recently switched them so they are now sharing a room. It's been a few weeks of this. Now my 3 year old won't have quiet time and he keeps his little brother up! I have been putting them down at the same time, and they play/talk together. The little one lays down in his crib and want to sleep, but my 3 year old is too loud and plays with him too much.

I don't know what to do!

Do I just forget nap time for the 3 y.o and just have him have quiet time downstairs? I've tried rest time in my bed and that worked once....

I really think it's important for kids to have a little bit of quiet time every day, preferably alone in their rooms
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