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Originally Posted by diaperangel
Hey mama....

I am a High Performance Synchro Coach in Canada...and I wanted to say something that might help you feel better?? (I'm obvs a mom too :-) so I get how hard this is) BUT...

athletes - and yes, even an 8 year old is an "athlete"!! - need to be responsible and accountable for their own performances. Often, when mom is around, it is more distracting, and emotional control is LESS than if the athlete is away at a meet just with the Coach.

Explain to her that you believe in her and you know that she is a strong young lady - you know she can do her best and that doesn't depend on you being there. Watch on livestream, text, have a party to celelbrate whatever the outcome...

The fact that she has been able to get this far shows how much of an awesome parent you are - it takes a lot to get that far in sport...good job!!!

Enjoy your trip - and good luck to your daughter!
Thanks mama! This helps a lot. My mom is going to try to video it.

I took her with me today to get a mani and pedi. She told me she understands.
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