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Re: Does your child know how to dial 911?

ugh don't get me started. I have a phone that locks which means no calls should go through right? WRONG. If you press ANY buttons it goes to 911 and I've had my toddlers accidentally call them NUMEROUS times. Its a feature of the phone and it wont change. So as soon as the keypad is locked any key is the SOS key. I see how that could be a good feature but honestly its too easy to trip it.

I've had my local police department keep calling me to make sure I'm not in trouble and so far they've been pretty good about forgiving our frequent calls otherwise I would be in debt paying fines. Now they just ignore calls from my number and that's pretty scary if I ever need their services. I can't wait to change phones but right now its not an option. I just have to make sure the phone is far away from toddler hands.
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