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Has anyone had an umbilical hernia repair during a c-section?

I've had an umbilical hernia since 34 weeks or so (sudden, excruciating pain to the right of my belly button). I went to ER and my doc was able to push it back in after 3 EXCRUCIATING tries.

I have since been able to push it in myself, but a couple weeks ago noticed a 1/2 cm hard spot in my belly button. Went to ER again thinking it could be intestine, but they said it was omentum that has died since I'm so far along in my pregnancy.

It has since grown to 2 cm in size. I am having a lot of constipation issues as well, which makes me worried that it's more than omentum.

I saw the doc again yesterday, she checked it and said it's just more dead omentum. She said we'd def. need to repair it during my c-section (scheduled for next Tuesday - I have my second breech baby if you can believe it) and that they'd have to go in through belly button and underneath (through my c-section incision) to repair it.

I noticed tonight that my belly button is kind of grayish looking too, so I'm afraid they're wrong and it IS intestine. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this - either herniated/strangulated intestine/omentum or a repair during a c-section.

How long was your total surgery?

Can you tell me about your recovery?

Did you have a scar in your belly button too?

Were you able to initiate breastfeeding easily? (A fear of mine since surgery will be even longer than a c-section, though my doctor says it will only add 5 minutes)

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. I am freaking out about the c-section, especially having the repair now on top of that, and even more that something is very wrong and will end up making my surgery much longer and more complex for me.
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