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Re: Ruby Mamas Chat: July 18-July 25

Hope everyone is well! Congrats to all the new ones... I have been lurking, just too tired to post

My little man is doing well. He will be 3 weeks tomorrow. I took him to the ped's today for an eye infection. She recommended breast milk, too, which I thought was awesome! Has anyone else done this?

Grant weighed in at 8 lbs 9 oz, fully clothed and fluffy bottomed. It has me a little worried, since his birthweight was 9lbs 6oz. I also suspect that I had undiagnosed GD. I had gained 55lbs, had excess amniotic fluid, had an LGA baby who was hypoglycemic... All signs point to GD. So maybe Grant is just getting back to his "normal" weight. He nurses like a champ, so I think he is okay. Anyone else have a newborn who took awhile to get back to their birthweight?

Glad Maia is doing well, Cara! I knw what you mean about having them be satisfied by one side! So liberating. Grant only wants both sides in the evening, and I am okay with that
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