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Re: are we allowed to....

Originally Posted by luvthefluff View Post
i do have paypal and have boughten several things from here with great feedback. I just dont have my paypal linked directly to my bank account (dh wont allow it), which in turn i cannot get the fost badge i just personally think its silly that if i CAN buy from here, why i cannot put out there what i am looking for LOL i understand not being able to sell..but why i cannot post a thread in Diaper chatter, hey mammas im looking for this and have paypal....just odd to me is all
This can't be done because it's an iso and has its place, diaper chatter is only for chatter.
I understand the fear of linking a bank to paypal, my dh won't let me link neither so I have my own bank that I only use for online buying and it isn't where his work checks goes into. We have our bank and then I have mine for online which I keep $20 in.
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