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Re: Is your baby head down yet?

Yesterday's ultrasound at 37 weeks 2 days revealed the baby is BREECH!

Will see what the doctor says at next week's prenatal appointment.

This week I went to my chiropractor for some back pain & he said to let him know if the baby is breech because there are things they can do to help relax your muscles so the baby naturally falls into place.

One thing I've learned about being a mama is you've got to trust your gut feeling! And based on what I've read & my gut feeling, I will say no to an external cephalic version (ECV) which has about a 58% success rate in turning breech babies.

I'm also considering doing the Spinning Baby Inversion in the meantime.

From the Spinning Babies Inversion Page: "Sometimes the uterine ligaments are not equal on each side of the body. If one side has shortened ligaments the entire lower uterine segment can have a twist in it. This effect is not uncommon among women who hold a child on one hip frequently. A twist in the cervical ligaments can put the lower uterine segment into a slight twist which reduces the room for the baby to have a good head-down position."
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