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Originally Posted by cristy_1996
I didn't read through all of the responses. Both of my sons are circ'd and I can only post this to "help". My husband and I tend to get into emotional arguments over things that concern the kids. It is almost like he feels like I always think my way is right (which I usually So my best advice would be to send him an email when you are not mad. Link him to all of your information. Tell him you don't want to make a decision about something so important without him supporting you because that is what spouses do. Tell him to watch the videos of it being done, read everything, (if you are Christian) pray about it. Then revisit it later when you have had a chance to cool off. This is a touchy subject I think for both mom and dad.

In the end, you are the mother and you don't have to consent to the procedure but I would never go that route unless it was my very last option.
She isn't "mad" she just knows it isn't right to cut her son "just because". Moms are typically the ones who do the most research and dads who are circ'd usually only want it done b/c they are and that is all they know. I don't buy the statement that dads should make the decision b/c they have a penis. It is more than that, especially a decision that can't be undone. Which is why more people are choosing to let the boy with the penis decide.
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