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Originally Posted by Agla
I want to make sure I'm understanding you. You join a new group and shortly after get into a posting war with the owner/moderator to the point that you call her a name and pick on her for having more money.

Have you considered that there was more than one mean mommy in this situation?

I usually deal with mean mommies by avoiding them at all costs.

I'm a part of several groups in my area. Some of them are actual classifieds, some are moms groups. I hate seeing ads on the moms group ones. Especially since they post them on ALL the community pages and I get to see them 10x. But anyways.

Her page, her rules. I would have made a new site that suited your needs, pm'd the people you wanted to join and then left the old group.

At this point, if I was one of the mommies, I would have left her page because I don't like the drama & argumentative behavior. But I would have remembered your name too - sorry
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