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Re: If cost was not an option

Well the job possibility is becoming a strong possibility. They do have onsite childcare, but I guess there is a waiting list. The onsite childcare also has a preschool program. We are still really considering a nanny though. My biggest fear, although it sounds silly, is a nanny driving my kids around. Maybe because driving is dangerous? Not really sure why I have a hang-up on that aspect. That being said where have you looked for a Nanny? Also how much would I expect to pay for a Nanny for 4 days a week, maybe 5? My husband can work 4, 10 hour days and would probably do so if I get the job. I will also have the option of 4, 10hr days after the first 4 months as well, so we may only need a Nanny 3 days a week.
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