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Originally Posted by dancermommy1
So... You joined a group where you posted something that the moderator didn't like and asked you not to post any more along those lines, and then got mad because you continued to post those things instead of just leaving and using other means to post your sales?

Am I missing something here? Just because you convinced other people to team up and bully her along with you doesn't make you the one in the right.

Why didn't you just write down the email addresses of the moms you like and then leave the group and contact them one-to-one? Why start/perpetuate drama with someone you only know online, and with whom you have no other contact?

In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter? This seems like a pretty petty online dispute, IMO, when there are a lot of "real-life" things out there that could use the energy put into this sort of quarrel...

Just my
This. Name-calling puts you squarely in the "mean mommy" column in my book.
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