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If you have that motherly instinct that something is not quite right, go with it!

Ds2 is 3.5 a and still not talking much. He has no words at age 2. Our family doc recommended speexh therapy at his 2 year check up, dh and I decided to give it 6 months, you know, thinking he was just a late bloomer. , we shouldn't have waited, that was 6 months of help lost.

Ds1 was diagnosed with hearing loss just after ds2 started therapy, they then tested ds2s hearing and he too has hearing loss ( we never suspected it, ds1s was obvious). They have both had hearing aids for 6 months now and ds2 is progressing, but very slowly.

All in all, my main point. I felt like something was off with ds2 but based on denial or something I pretended like it wasn't an issue and I kick myself everyday for not acting on my instincts and getting help earlier. Ds2 might be that much further along.

It can't hurt to get an eval, then you will know either way.
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