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Re: Is your baby head down yet?

Originally Posted by Riverdavidsmama View Post
Oh mama, I'm sorry. I hope you an flip your baby. I have done everything known to man to flip this babe, starting at 28 weeks, including:

All Spinning Babies techniques including breech tilts and inversions off couch
Hypnobabies turn your breech baby
Webster technique chiro care from 28 weeks on 2x week
Moxibustion 34-35 weeks
Acupuncture 35-37 weeks
cranio-sacral therapy

Nothing has worked. I've spent a fortune and I'm exhausted from trying. I am a bad candidate in every way for the external cephalic version (and I did that with my son and it didn't work, they tried three times and his heard kept decelling) I'm scheduled for another c-section (my second baby was breech too) in 4 days, at 39.5 weeks.

I hope you have a different result, but my experience with two breeches has been that nothing works. If they can flip they will. I don't know if it matters what you do. Good luck.

Oh man. Why does it seem that so many babies are head up??? At my 36 week apt the baby was suddenly head up and had been head down for weeks before that....

I've been trying the spinning babies techniques and I'll see on Monday what my MW says.

What is this mama????

I'm not going to let them turn the baby b/c #2 and #5 were both c-sections due to fetal distress and I'm really not a good candidate for that anyways with the prior sections. So hopefully this little one turns on her/his own. I really really dont' want another section...
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