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Priced to SELL! ALL sizes, Girly & Gender Neutral, BIY Dress Set, Footies, Etc.

Hi there, I REALLY need PP so I have marked these all down to sell... LOTS of great deals to be had!!! If you don't like my prices, make me an offer (but please don't be offended if I decline) In case I forget to mention it, 90% of my knitted/crocheted items are BFL wool from Laignes Magnifique knit by Judy at Tootsie Tootles or crocheted by Jen at Pacific Naturals. I'll try to mention the colorway when I remember the name...

Also selling:
Wetbags/Inserts/Snappis/Swim Diapers/BF & cloth Tshirt
So please check out those listings, I will definately make a deal if you are wanting multiple items!
Like I said I REALLY need PP, so the only thing I might be tempted to trade for are boyish sized FBs Thanks for looking!!!


Medium-Plum w/Butterflies $18.85 PPD:

Medium-Peach w/Ice cream cones (no skid pads) slightly pilly $14PPD:

Small/Medium-Red w/Old Timey Cars SOFT!!! $18.85 PPD:

Small-Charcoal Brown w/Pink dot design $18.85 PPD:


Blues Rumpknits Soaker - W-14.5, R-17.5", T-9.5" $7.52 PPD:


Chocolate Covered Cherries BFL Crocheted Shorties - W-13.5", R-14", I-2.5" $16.79 PPD:

BFL Brown w/Subtle Pink Knit Shorties (w/matching socks, pic below) - W-15.5", R-15", I-3" $16.79 PPD:

Knit/Crochet Longies

Neopolitan Longies, these were a favorite, definately BFL! They have a little bell bottom at the bottom, w/matching socks (pic below) W-18.5", R-17", I-9" $36.35 PPD:

Popsicle Longies W-17", R-16", I-9" $33.26 PPD:

Cafe Mocha Longies W-16.5", R-16", I-10" $36.35 PPD:

Spiced Apples Longies W-18", R-16", I-9" $36.35 PPD:

Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue Tan Longies SUPER soft!!! - W-16.5", R-16", I-9" $36.35 PPD:

Candy Corn Longies - W17", R-16", I-10.5" $36.35 PPD:

Plum Pudding Crocheted Longies - W-17", R-18", I-11" $36.35 PPD:

Purple/Sage (possibly Purewool?) - W-18.5", R-16", I-9" $28.12 PPD:

Kettle Dyed ruffle bottom SUPER SOFT!!! (ribbon tie)- W-18.5, R-15", I-11" $33.26 PPD:

Socks that are included with two mentioned longies above:

Baby It's You Dress Set

Monkey Medium $43.56 for the set:

Thanks for looking and LMK if you are interested in anything or have any questions!

Small-BFF Blue/Natural Soaker W-12.5", R-15.5", T-8" $12PPD:

Large-NWT Pink & Grey SUPER soft!!! $18PPD:
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