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Re: How often do your babies nurse?

Hang in there mama. It will get better. You are doing a great job and giving baby exactly what she needs. My DD was the same way, although she was my first so I didn't have a toddler to care for as well. Can you try wearing her? That way she can nurse while you chase the toddler around, pee, cook (I'd stick with the microwave or sandwiches at this point!), get groceries, whatever you need to do.

As for your DH, I'd just let his comments go. It seems that men often want to solve the problem, rather than sympathize. He sees you're overwhelmed, so he tells you what he thinks is the best solution. Do what you can, when you can. You will soon be able to organize your time to get things done, but for right now, baby is the priority.

Are there any LLL meetings nearby? There are always toddlers running around at our meetings. That might allow your DS to get some play time in while you can talk with other moms who have BTDT. How old is your DS? Can you take him to a park so he can run around, while you relax on a bench and nurse DD?

Is there anyone who can help you out? Even a young neighbor or someone who can play with the toddler for an hour or two a week while you relax with baby?

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