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Re: Has anyone had an umbilical hernia repair during a c-section?

I had an umbilical hernia during #4's pregnancy and the doc repaired it during my c-section. He said it would take the same amount of time to fix as your doc says! BUT, I ended up with a lot of scar tissue and so my actual c-section time was around 1hr.40min (without prep, I do believe). I don't know what was from what though (scar tissue removal vs. hernia repair.

As far as recovery, I don't feel like the hernia repair made it worse... it was my 3rd c-section so it took longer to heal than the others. I did feel really tight around my belly button off and on (maybe it was from internal stitches... it felt tightened is the only way I can describe it). It got sore some, but when you have a c-section incision ontop of it, it out-did any hernia repair discomfort.

I don't feel like I ever have a good first breastfeeding experience after my c-s. They make me lay flat for a bit and gradually ease up... I never nurse good like that. I don't make enough milk though anyway (defective breasts... 1 milk gland) and always bottlefeed after my babies are done nursing first. IF you do get good nursing time though, then I wouldn't worry.

((big hugs)). I HATE knowing when the c-section date is... It's so strange to know WHEN this all is gonna happen! Distract yourself as best you can! Lots of playdates with #1, outings, last min. prep... keep busy, busy, busy so you don't go crazy.

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