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wetbag, liners, wipes, snappis

Wetbag is a Bumpkins Dirty Duds Wet Bag in Pink Fizz. Missing the stings but can easily be replaced. Retail is 9.95+S&H, asking $6ppd.

Kushies reusable cotton liners, 10 total, $5ppd.

__________________________________________________ _________

SOLD: 2 Rolls of disposable liners, one is Kushies and is like a toilet paper roll, the other I'm not sure, $3ppd each. SOLD: Kushies liners (first pic)

SOLD: PW wipes and matching wetbag, $5ppd.

Megaroos black wipe, $1ppd. SOLD: 2 white toddler snappis $1 each ppd.

ISO: homemade soaps and body products, homemade cleaning products, etc.; about to start a newbie/small stash - prefolds, flats, PUL covers with gussets, wool wraps
IHA: HH SOAP, ETPFs/PFs, Wool, Fitteds, Hybrids, Covers, Pockets, Accessories, Housewares

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