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Re: How often do your babies nurse?

she does cry alot... I already took gluten/dairy/rice out she still has bad gas. DS will be 3 in August...he is really naughty we have some behavior issues he goes to a developmental ped the end of the month. unfortunately we have no family here and really don't know anyone. And the only thing my sister and mom do is tell me I just need to go to formula and feed her cereal and that she is starving (which my dad tried telling me to). I can nurse in a sling thing i have but she gets a bad latch when in there then I get super sore, although sometimes I do it. It is way too hot to go to a park 107 today. And I hate nursing in public. I tried doing the bare minimum then DH flipped out on me and told me I am getting nothing done and that TONS of other women nurse and keep up with lots of kids and housework so i should too (he got this stupid idea from a guy at work that has 9 kids and his wife bf and homeschools)
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