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Re: How often do your babies nurse?

LOL well I have tried that...he thinks because he works such long hours and is gone that when he is home it is "rest" time so he is either on the cpu or something he never wants to play with DS hardly and doens't help much at all...he tells me I "spoil" our kids (yeah right I feel like I Don't spend enough time with DS as it is!) that he just needs to play by himself so all I hear when he is home is "go play go play go play" and he has been on the couch since DD was born bc he gets grouchy at me when the lights on and she is crying in the night so I told him just sleep on the he is grouchy cause I still have him on the couch lol but he is a noisy sleeper and as soon as I get her to sleep he rolls or flops around and wakes her up.
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