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Re: How often do your babies nurse?

Oh mamma! Hugs! You are doing great, just take a deep breath. Your baby is 7 weeks old! First off, the nursing habits you describe are 100% normal. Sounds like you and baby have got the nursing down, and baby is gaining weight- great! Second, switching to formula won't fix the issues you've described; hang in there.

A few other things. You mentioned pumping and that you don't get much from pumping. Just wanted to head off any worries you may have had about your milk supply. Pumping is not a reliable indication of milk supply, so don't worry about that. As long as baby has output and is gaining, you're fine. Also, relax about the house. I know it is so easy to say online, but you have a newborn. Those first few months are so intense, and your baby so helpless and needs you. Life will settle again, but for now, you can't expect life to be as it was. Now you have not only a newborn, but two children to tend. Perhaps your husband has forgotten how demanding an infant is. Is there a gentle way to remind him?

Finally, I wholeheartedly recommend the pp's suggestion to attend LLL. That stands for La Leche League. It is a breastfeeding support group for moms and it is the best thing ever. Find a local meeting location at their website and GO! You can bring both your kids. It will give you much needed support, and probably some other ideas on how to handle what you're going through.

Hang in there, your baby sounds perfectly normal. You can do this!
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