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MASSIVE destash. Knit and Interlock, Sbish interlock too

I have a ridiculous amount of baby things I need to find a new home for!!! (Keep your eyes open for my other listings...Wool, Baby clothes, other misc items)
I'm trying to price these to SELL!.
I am trade friendly (however, I am trying to de-clutter, so I'm gonna be picky).

ISO: knitting skills (YYMN spots), I could be tempted by HC wool, show my your IHA lists.

Shipping is from Canada. Prices listed do not include shipping, as rates will vary based on weight.

Here Goes:

Medium MM bean Sidhe shorties $25

Medium Monkey set. Interlock shorties $25

Sbish Interlock Longies - M/L $80
April 2010 batch
Inseam: 11"

Medium Sbish Interlock Longies - Basil $80
April 2010 batch
Inseam: 9"

S/M Iced Giraffes Shorties
Hips 16"
Rise 18"
Inseam 2.5"

JJBB Interlock Pocket Longies with matching shirt $45
Inseam: 9"
Matching shirt approx 18months

Medium Sbish Interlock Soaker $40
Batch April 2010

Medium Sbish Interlock Soaker $40
Batch April 2010

Baby Bear Play Condition M/L Board Shorts with matching shirt $25.
The shirt has staining (I have not tried to treat)
These have a large ugly stain on the leg. (This happened one day when I was at work, DH says he has no idea what happened, and I haven't been able to wash it out)
Shirt: American apparel size 18-24 mos
Waist: 21"
Inseam: 5"
Rise: 18"

M/L MM Treasure Map shorties romper $75
Approx measurements: Chest 21, Shoulder to gusset 21 Inseam 2.5

Med Run Fox Run Longies with Tessa Ann Button on Cargo Pocket $30
inseam: 7"
Rise: 17.5
Hips 22"

Med Longies $25
Inseam: 7.5"
Rise: 16"
Hips: 12.5"

Felted Red Jolly Roger Longies -Med.; Still has some stretch to them, but bullet proof! $20
Inseam: 8"

Rainbow Waters Med soaker and shirt - Play Condition $25

Large Sbish Air Soaker $30 -SOLD

Med Owe Whoa When Embroidered Soaker $22

Petit Poire 15" Waldorf Doll $75 -SOLD

NB Bunny Fleece Set $20

S/M WoollyBottoms Footies - Skulls $25

M WooLlybottoms Footies - Elliot $25

M/L Sbish 1985 Longies $50
There is a small hole on front, see pic. I have no tried repairing it, but I think a stitch or two would work fine. If you want me to do this, I can before I send.

Medium MM Royal Hunt overalls with purple trim. $65

2 pair of interlock shorties (I recently bought these but these seem more like wool jersey, or possibly not felted interlock). I considered felting them, but was worried that they would shrink too much for us. $8/ea
The approx measurements are: Hips: 20" Rise: 20" Inseam: 5"

Medium Shorties. Can't remember base or colorway, sorry. These need a wash and shave but I will do that today so I apoligize for the crummy picture $15
The measurements are: Hips: 17" Inseam 3" Rise: 16"

AhMay Designs interlock shorties with VW embroidered on bum. Has inner sling for extra proteection. I have a matching shirt that I will throw in because its definetely in play condition. $30

EEUC Sbish Air Interlock Soaker $60 -SOLD

Med Longies $25 SOLD
Nice cables running down the legs
Approx measurements:
Inseam: 6.5"
Hips: 19"
Rise: 18"

Med Sbish Longies Olive and Carbon $55/ea -Both SOLD

M/L Luxe Soaker - $18 SOLD

12-18month MM Barn Owl $30 -SOLD
Diane: Midwife, Knitter, and Mama to 3 wild boys Loves Pandora, will accept charms for trades.
Mixed Listing

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