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Originally Posted by Housefullofgirls

At her 12mon appt my ped said if she didn't progress she would refer us at her 15mon appt. That is on Mon. Wanted to see what other thought if my ped forgot about what she said.

She only says mom she has said dada in the past but hasn't in 2-3 months. Sporadically she woofs at her stuffed dog lol but that's it. Hard to describe but she is different than my others. Her comprension is low as well. I worry her FTT is starving her brain and this is why she is so behind. She hears fine. She had tubes placed in April and passed the hearing test afterward. From Jan thru beginning of April she had a constant ear infection stemming from severe food allergies. She could barely hear at this time (9-12months).

I'm just worried about her. Her health deteriorated very quickly at 9 months all of a sudden. She's 8.5months in my aviator pic and was just fine. She's only gained 10oz since she was 8.5 months.
I see a bunch of red flags here :

1) Ear tubes. Even though she's hearing fine now, she missed out on all that oral infor during her constant infections.

2) Combined with 1-2 word vocabulary that sounds inconsistent.

3) Combined with medical health issues.

I agree in this situation an evaluation is warranted.
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