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Re: Has anyone had an umbilical hernia repair during a c-section?

Originally Posted by raisingcropsandbabies View Post
I had an umbilical hernia during #4's pregnancy and the doc repaired it during my c-section. He said it would take the same amount of time to fix as your doc says! BUT, I ended up with a lot of scar tissue and so my actual c-section time was around 1hr.40min (without prep, I do believe). I don't know what was from what though (scar tissue removal vs. hernia repair.

As far as recovery, I don't feel like the hernia repair made it worse... it was my 3rd c-section so it took longer to heal than the others. I did feel really tight around my belly button off and on (maybe it was from internal stitches... it felt tightened is the only way I can describe it). It got sore some, but when you have a c-section incision ontop of it, it out-did any hernia repair discomfort.

I don't feel like I ever have a good first breastfeeding experience after my c-s. They make me lay flat for a bit and gradually ease up... I never nurse good like that. I don't make enough milk though anyway (defective breasts... 1 milk gland) and always bottlefeed after my babies are done nursing first. IF you do get good nursing time though, then I wouldn't worry.

((big hugs)). I HATE knowing when the c-section date is... It's so strange to know WHEN this all is gonna happen! Distract yourself as best you can! Lots of playdates with #1, outings, last min. prep... keep busy, busy, busy so you don't go crazy.
Thanks mama. Good info. So they were able to repair it with just the spinal? My doc was saying they might not be able to and need to give me IV drugs to knock me out and that just won't fly. I do not want to miss my baby's birth or her first couple hours of life. Did you have any issues breathing during surgery/
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