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-enjoy a weekend away with hubby. Once baby #3 gets here they may be hard to come by. CANCELED to work on the house.
-Finish painting and as many home repairs as we can. IN PROCESS
-Meet with realtors to assess our home's value and go over any repairs or improvements that need to be made MET WITH ONE.
-first nurse's appointment/labs DONE

-List our house (hoping) DONE!
-first doc appt and ultrasound DONE,
-might have ods' speech tested to make sure he will be ready for K4 the following fall.

-hopefully selling the house...or just maintaining it in "show" condition. MAINTAINING
-probably announce pregnancy toward the end of the month, but hoping to wait until we know the sex DONE AT END OF AUGUST, lol.
-buy some clearanced summer mat clothes for vacation in march DIDN'T FIND MUCH I LIKED

-hopefully find out the sex before the end of the month FOUND OUT SEPT 27th BOY!!!
-hopefully moving...or continuing to show the house. GOT A CONTRACT ON OUR HOUSE LATE OCT!! GOTTA START PACKING!
-Decide if we want to build or buy existing home PUT A CONTRACT ON A NEW, BUT FINISHED HOME! CLOSE SOMETIME IN NOV.
-start PT DS2? he is showing some interest now, so I'm hopeful :-) STILL CASUALLY WORKING AT IT IN DEC. GETTING BETTER!

-U/S Nov 2nd DONE
-find a Christmas dress that makes me not feel giant NOT POSSIBLE! But found a dress for $18 at Ross--yay! Babysitting issues called me back home before the party though

-celebrate the holidays in our new home. DONE!
-start making any extra diaper covers and diapers needed. THIS WILL BE PUSHED TO JAN

-start buying gear and furniture STILL NEED TO PICK OUT A CARSEAT. Everything else is optional

-vacation if I get the green light to fly--woot! DECIDED NOT TO GO

-hopefully have me a baby... unless I go late
-if RCS, baby will be here Mar 27th (40w5d)
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