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Re: considering IUD - opinions?

Originally Posted by Br2me View Post
i was going to get one at my 8wk p checkup...but the more i thought about it and prayed about it...i decided against it...

yes we think that we are done but we are open to blessings...however with a IUD in place to me it felt like I was taking away any chance of any little blessings (since if you become pg with an IUD it has to be removed and will more likely cause a miscarraige) sooo for me (and by the way i was going with the plastic mirena) i decided that I couldn't take away teh onyl way for God to give us a blessing...i mean even if i had my tubes tied HE could still bless us BUT with an IUD i was told there was no safe way to carry a baby with it in place and i felt like takign that much control was not what i needed to do...

that being said Dh and i have decided that if there is ever another blessing then i will hae my tubes tied while having the csection...

but a IUD is not for me

it might work great for some...just not for us
So was your decision entirely personal? Did you have any objections to the device itself?
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