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Re: Has anyone had an umbilical hernia repair during a c-section?

They didn't need to knock me out. I did have some issues with breathing, but they were able to get it under control (though it did scare me some!). After my dd was out, I started breathing really quickly because it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. The monitors picked it up and the anes. asked if I was having trouble taking breaths. When I said, "yes, sorry" (i apologize for everything), he gave me some medicine through the iv to help me breath and lessen the weight on my chest. It started helping, yet I got a little light-headed and nauseated. I asked DH to take DD and go to the nursery. I dry heaved once, but of course nothing came out; but after that I felt a little better. The anes. also gave me some meds to help the nausea feeling. The doctor reassured me that I would feel a LOT better once he was able to close me up and he was RIGHT! As soon as they finished removing as much scar tissue as they could, sewing back up my bladder (they knicked it) and testing to make sure it held well, and fixing the hernia... I felt back to post-op normal.
It was not my best c-section, but I was so glad they could fix me up. I'm 9 mos. post-op and don't have any umbilical pain (I had soreness when I first started working out again, but it has went away). It's such a wonderful feeling!
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