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"I'm just not going there"

Ughhhhhh.... So I was at a bridal shower yesterday for my niece and there were 3 pregnant mamas. They were talking about diapers and how she has been looking into organic disposable options blah blah blah, of course my niece throws in that we use cloth ( her cousin has seen dd's diapers a few times) and this girls comment is "oh I AM NOT DEALING WITH POOP" I can't go there, I am not good with come backs and I don't really say much in general about cloth unless someone is really interested but I thought to myself "Uh sorry lady but who's gonna be cleaning you baby's butt" sheesh people, the baby is not gonna wipe its own butt so YOU WILL BE DEALING WITH POOP!!!!!! and in sposies you may dealing with it in the clothes, the bed, the carseat, their hair lol.... Never had a blowouts after we switched to cloth @ 2 weeks.

Anyway just a vent, I wish I had quick comebacks to advocate for cloth
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