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Having been told all through my 2nd pregnancy I was having a 2nd girl and then ending up with a surprise boy, I had gender disappointment in a major way. I really did feel like I was grieving the loss of a baby. And in a way I was. She had a name. She had a personality. She had clothes and blankets and gear. And then she didn't exist and I was holding him instead. DH and my MiL did not understand. I think they still don't.

We had initially said that if #2 was a boy we would stop with 1 of each, or if #2 was a girl we would wait 3 years & try one more time for a boy. So when he was born, DH said we are done. But I'm not. I had my heart set on 2 little girls and all the pink frilly things that entails. I still want another baby girl.

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