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It's weird. I always wanted boys. Never 'wanted' a girl. Knew this one was a boy. Not shocked to hear I was right. Even might go as far as to say I was/am thrilled. Took sooooooo long to get him, I just want HIM. But lately, I realize I won't have a daughter. And I think my DH's sadness over that makes it harder on me. A son marries a wife but a daughter is for life. Right? Lol.

I talk to my mom daily. Idk any grown men who do that, that aren't severally pissing off their wives. Lol. Idk. It is a different family dynamic too. Girls ARE different than boys. We often have them here, for awhile and it's a different vibe. For sure. We may or may not have a 4th. We are undecided. We certainly are aware that more than likely, he'd be a he. Lol
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